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Patch Notes 0.919.86


Here is the update note 0.919.86 implemented this morning:

* General changes:

- Added the Easter Event.
- The towns have been updated on the Easter theme.
- The scrolls of Randy and Rudolf have been renamed as follows: "Additional Option Ticket of Randy" and "Additional Option Ticket of Rudolf".
- Rotation of the Big Wheel.
- Rotation of the "Mix Board" Special Tab.

* Event: Easter

End of the Event: 15 April 2021 09:00 AM (Paris time)

- Added the Egg Forest entrance at the Port of the Winds.
- Added two NPCs at the Port of the Winds, including Haruka, to go to the Cherry Blossom Hill.
- Activation of the Easter Event quests.
- Added an Easter achievement 2021.
- Added an Additional Option Ticket of Haruka.
- The experience is multiplied by 2.
- A promotion of +20% of DPs is applied during the whole event for any purchase.

As you know, a fire broke out in an OVH datacenter in Strasbourg on 10 March, followed by a second fire on 18 March where some of our servers were located.
We have lost some of our testing infrastructure and the ability to process the majority of tickets (especially item recoveries).
We should have our servers back by this weekend, so tickets should be processed early next week and the rewards from the last event should then be distributed.

Note: It was also said that the awakening jauge issues in the dungeons as well as the loss of certain buffs would be fixed in this update. As you might expect with the loss of our test infrastructure, we were unable to complete these fixes. Please note that we should receive our new servers next week and the testing will resume in order to deploy these fixes as soon as possible, as well as the Pet Option Transfer Scroll.


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