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Patch Notes 0.919.226


Here is the update note 0.919.2260 implemented this morning:

* Modifications globales :

- Correction of the display of the Red Riding Hood mask
- Job changes and adjustments

* Job-related changes :

- Removal of levels from craft dungeons. Note : There is now only one kind of wood (teak), ore (platinum ore), fish (big silver), herbs (solar herbs) and gems (multicolored gems).
- The production recipes from the NPC "Max" have been revised to be made only with these materials. Note : If you had different types of materials, the ones that are now unobtainable and useless have been automatically transformed into usable materials.
- From now on, to access the different dungeons you will have to go to the Windy Farm through the portal next to the NPC Production Expert Max
- Deletion of the access to the different dungeons via the H button.
- The NPC Betty who was in the Port of Winds has been moved to the Windy Farm.
- The level of Max's quest suite has been changed to level 60 minimum.

*Event : Black Friday

Black Friday starts today and will end on Monday, November 28th at 9:00 am (Paris time).
Take advantage of +20% DPS on every purchase as well as an exceptional in-store appearance of past IM Sets !

*Event : New Heritage

End of Event: 01 December 2022 09:00 AM (Paris Time)

The New Heritage Event can only activate once per account.
WARNING: You can only create one New Heritage character Even if you delete it, you will not able to create another New Heritage character.

If you have a Lv. 45+ character on you account, you will be able to create a Lv. 85 character directly with a Rare Protector of Stars gear.
Note: New Heritage is a different event from the “Classic” Heritage event: even if you have an already existing “Classic” Heritage character you can create a New Heritage character.


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